CALL OFF -  August 27, 2015 - 05:03 PM
  The following preliminary hearings are called off.  You do not have to appear for these:
Aug. 27 Uriel Busani 15JD182 Vacated
Sep. 11 Mathew Stauter 14CR1565 Continued
Mathew Stauter 15CR278 Continued
The following motions hearings are called off.  You do not have to appear for these:
Sep. 4 Desiree Colmenero 15M161 Vacated
Christopher Andrews 15M340 Vacated
Sep. 18 Karla Young 15CR637 Pled
The following trials are called off   You do not have to appear for these:
Aug. 27 Ashlee Bradburn 14M1787 Pled
Michael Pagel 15CR182 Pled
Robert Williams 14T3347 Pled
Michael Crofts 14CR1420 Continued
Jerry Espinoza 14M3028 Pled
Athena Cargill 14M2648 Dismissed
Victor Green 15M27 Vacated
Branon Ragsdale 15M256 Continued
Brandy Wissink 15T231 Dismissed
Michael Stockton 15M268 Vacated
Aug. 31 Janet Duarte 14CR1134 Pled
Douglas Hammack 13CR1280 Continued
Delano Medina 14CR762 Dismissed
Sep. 1 Shauna Devries 14T2405 Vacated
Matthew Edwards 14CR1027 Pled
Serena Clegg 14CR313 Pled
Sep. 3 Jess Timbreza 15M16 Pled
Christmas Boggs 14T2907 Continued
Jeff Gay 14T2530 Pled
Bruce Blaisdell 15M461 Pled
Britney Riley 14T1091 Pled
Jeffrey Davis 15CR323 Continued  
Sep. 8 Benjamin Crist 15CR377 Pled
Robert Bell 14CR1287 Continued
Janet Duarte 14CR1366 Pled
Sep. 9 Travis Lambros 14CR1541 Pled
Sep. 10 Ivan Marzolf 14T1857 Pled
Britney Riley 14T2291 Pled
Layne Madaris 15M23 Pled
Sep. 14 Derreck DeWitt 15CR11 Dismissed
Gage Wright  14CR1197 Vacated
Heather Williams 14CR1310 Continued
Sep. 16 Belinda Enriquez 14CR1343 Dismissed
Sep. 17 Britney Riley 15M49 Pled
Corey Marcella 14M2304 Pled
Sep. 24 Britney Riley 15M50 Pled
Sep. 25 Anthony Martinez 14M3089 Vacated
Sep. 29 Hanna Giron 15CR132 Dismissed
Robert Roach 15CR583 Pled
Oct. 1 Frank Hessel 14T1890 Continued
Oct. 6 Karla Young 15CR637 Pled
Oct. 13 Jason Neese 14CR1390 Pled
Oct. 15 Monica Mondragon 15M235 Pled
Jordan Brown 15M1118 Pled
Jesse Nettleton 14M3016 Pled
Oct. 29 Taylor Whitt 15T976 Pled
Nov. 2 Philip Litsheim 15CR241 Continued
Nov. 3 Philip Litsheim 15CR241 Continued
Nov. 4 Jordan Brown 15T229 Pled
Call-Off List - District Attorney's Office - Mesa County, Colorado