CALL OFF -  May 22, 2015 - 03:47 PM
  The following preliminary hearings are called off.  You do not have to appear for these:
The following motions hearings are called off.  You do not have to appear for these:
May. 26 Mireya Garcia 14JD40 Vacated
May. 27 Ryan Blanton 14M2233 Vacated
Jun. 1 Gilbert Stanley 13M2592 Pled
Jun. 5 Zachary Fisher 14M2738 Vacated
Sarah Harmon 14CR1074 Pled
Jun. 17 Sarah Harmon 15CR25 Pled
Jun. 22 Athena Cargill 14M2648 Vacated
Jun. 23 Rebecca Blanton 15M466 Vacated
Aaron McElhinney 15M266 Pled
Jul. 14 Aaron McElhinney 15M233 Pled
Jul. 15 Frank Miner 15M382 Pled
The following trials are called off   You do not have to appear for these:
May. 21 Scott Davis 14M3011 Pled
George Pena 14T2263 Continued
Gilbert Stanley 14M821 Vacated
Harley Hutton 14M2633 Pled
Brecken Randall 14M797 Pled
Darron Clark 14T2661 Dismissed
Vesper Starr 13M1246 Pled
May. 22 Jennifer Zapien 15JD37 Dismissed
Carey Murray 14M2419 Vacated
May. 26 Sarah Eckler 14CR946 Pled
Sherman Jones 14CR1252 Vacated
Jerod Wade 12CR294 Continued
Kevin Matthews 14CR589 Continued
May. 28 Michael Maclellan 14M1148 Pled
Robert Parker 14M2219 Continued
Frank Hessel 14T1890 Continued
George Pena 14T2263 Continued
Brecken Randall 14M2758 Pled
Adam Chavez 14M2916 Dismissed
Tracy Hampton 15T170 Pled
Richard Gonzales 14T2655 Pled
Jun. 1 William  Chambers 14CR1483 Dismissed
Cynthia Buehrer 14CR10 Dismissed
Robert Bell 14CR1287 Continued
Jun. 4 Russell Lyles 14M1885 Vacated
Jun. 9 Luis Vasques 14M3094 Pled
Ouray Jones 14CR1355 Pled
Michael Fejeran 14M2813 Pled
Alicia Ruiz 14CR642 Pled
Gary Tidwell 14M2052 Pled
Jun. 11 Michael Maclellan 14M1951 Pled
Tony Dominguez 14T2977 Pled
Wade Loux 14M2402 Dismissed
Joshua Jensen 14M712 Vacated
Jun. 16 Katrina Leake 14M2611 Pled
Alicia Ruiz 14CR662 Pled
Viridiana Galaviz-Gonzalez 14CR1427 Pled
Johnny Newland 14T2604 Pled
Jun. 18 Cesar Mariscal 14T3386 Pled
Tony Dominguez 14T3348 Pled
Rick Sill 14CR686 Pled
Tracy Ashinhurst 14M2732 Continued
Jun. 19 Manyi  Szabo 14T2588 Pled
Jun. 22 Jaime Hernandez 14CR985 Pled
Jun. 25 Anthony Maxfield 14M2650 Pled
Jun. 26 William Trader 14M3078 Dismissed
Jun. 29 Zachary Hart 14CR1504 Continued
Jul. 6 Robert White 14CR1440 Continued
Irene Rivera 14CR1341 Continued
Sarah Harmon 14CR1074 Pled
Jul. 13 Robert Corbridge 13CR1340 Pled
Heather Williams 14CR1310 Continued
Jaime Hernandez 14CR1221 Pled
Sarah Harmon 15CR25 Pled
Jul. 14 William Zeman 14CR983 Vacated
Jul. 16 Marcus Dean 15M1 Pled
Jul. 20 Chasi Rigli 14CR1549 Pled
Jul. 23 GIlbert Stanley 13M2592 Pled
Aug. 3 Chesica Redford 14CR1299 Pled
Aug. 5 Michael Stockton 14CR1433 Continued
Aug. 12 Alejandro Garcia 14CR141 Pled
Aug. 13 Aaron McElhinney 15M266 Pled
Aug. 20 Frank Miner 15M382 Pled
Aaron McElhinney 15M233 Pled
Call-Off List - District Attorney's Office - Mesa County, Colorado