CALL OFF -  July 30, 2015 - 04:49 PM
  The following preliminary hearings are called off.  You do not have to appear for these:
Sep. 11 Mathew Stauter 14CR1565 Continued
Mathew Stauter 15CR278 Continued
The following motions hearings are called off.  You do not have to appear for these:
Jul. 31 Robert Roach 15CR583 Vacated
Austin Bass 14M2836 Vacated
Aug. 5 Ivan Marzolf 14T1857 Pled
Aug. 12 Benjamin Crist 15CR377 Pled
Aug. 14 Tiffany Junk 15M628 Vacated
The following trials are called off   You do not have to appear for these:
Jul. 30 Corey Marcella 14M2304 Continued
Pam Davison 14T3350 Continued
Phillip Cordova 15M620 Dismissed
Destiny Wieberg 13M2177 Dismissed
Timothy Murphy 14M347 Dismissed
Robert Parker 14M2219 Pled
Jose Plascencia-Gonzalez 14M2081 Pled
Michael Ahern 14T3382 Pled
Joseph Stufflebeam 14T1327 Dismissed
Jackey Futrell 15M20 Continued
Timothy Trujillo 15M136 Dismissed
Lorenzo Castro-Fuentes 14M2672 Continued
Todd Smith 15T96 Continued
Miranda Berends 15JD77 Dismissed
Aug. 3 Chesica Redford 14CR1299 Pled
Cristy Emert 14CR1572 Continued
Lesley Huey 14CR1092 Dismissed
Aug. 4 Orlando Delegarito  14T2409 Continued
Aug. 5 Michael Stockton 14CR1433 Continued
Madison Marston 15T1012 Pled
Aug. 10 Trini Trujillo 14CR392 Continued
Aug. 11 Robert Kitchens 14CR1088 Vacated
Kenneth Richards 15M348 Dismissed
Clint Hatch 14CR1347 Dismissed
Aug. 12 Alejandro Garcia 14CR141 Pled
Aug. 13 Aaron McElhinney 15M266 Pled
Joseph Moya 15CR163 Pled
Justin Stewart 15M13 Dismissed
Jon Tengstedt 15M91 Pled
Aug. 14 Cordell Strole 15JD87 Pled
Aug. 17 Eric Ahern 15CR128 Vacated
Aug. 20 Frank Miner 15M382 Pled
Aaron McElhinney 15M233 Pled
Jess Timbreza 14M2785 Pled
Ivan Marzolf 14T1857 Continued
Aug. 25 Gerardo Macias 15CR287 Pled
Sep. 1 Shauna Devries 14T2405 Vacated `
Matthew Edwards 14CR1027 Pled
Sep. 3 Jess Timbreza 15M16 Pled
Christmas Boggs 14T2907 Continued
Jeff Gay 14T2530 Pled
Bruce Blaisdell 15M461 Pled
Britney Riley 14T1091 Pled
Sep. 8 Benjamin Crist 15CR377 Pled
Sep. 9 Travis Lambros 14CR1541 Pled
Sep. 10 Ivan Marzolf 14T1857 Pled
Britney Riley 14T2291 Pled
Sep. 29 Hanna Giron 15CR132 Dismissed
Sep. 14 Derreck DeWitt 15CR11 Dismissed
Gage Wright  14CR1197 Vacated
Sep. 17 Britney Riley 15M49 Pled
Sep. 24 Britney Riley 15M50 Pled
Nov. 2 Philip Litsheim 15CR241 Continued
Nov. 3 Philip Litsheim 15CR241 Continued
Call-Off List - District Attorney's Office - Mesa County, Colorado